Our Brand

Our Brand

Our Founder and CEO have always had a passion for fine jewelry. Jireh Design started as a fine jewelry and accessories brand back in 2006. Patricia's father ignited her passion for business as a little girl since he owned multiple jewelry stores in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. This influence taught Patricia to develop the eye and taste of true quality at an early age.

For the last fourteen years, Jireh Design has been selling (Stainless Steel, 925 Sterling Silver, Brass, Gold Filled and Rhodium) fine jewelry successfully through local vendors in Puerto Rico. Her clientele loves that she always brings a big variety for them to buy from, without forgetting the surpassed quality. This is why they keep coming back for more.

I've known Patricia for more than sixteen years. I have always seen her looking immaculate even if it means we're enjoying a beach day. I've never been one to impose in other people's businesses. Just a few months ago, right after the pandemic with the COVID-19 started, we began to communicate more often. COVID-19 has shaken our foundation Worldwide and it has encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone and open ourselves to new possibilities.

We are so blessed with technology, this allows us to expand to a different market and reach a new audience without limitations. This is why we encourage you to visit our Online Store www.shopjireh.com, browse JD's jewelry, shop with confidence, and become part of our family... Jireh Design's Transform Your Outfits & Enhance Your Beauty.

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